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Combining consulting skills and the Blueport Platform to progressively digitise your business.

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We put our customers at the centre of a solution.

Digital Transformation

Real-time data collaboration.

The Blueport Platform was created to support brokerages with the focus on trading of currency options and oil swaps. The platform provides real-time data collaboration, analysis, workflow, audit trails and automation across external and internal data sources.

‍Blueport Solutions is the development hub for TechniCap Partners.

Customer centred solutions.

Our strategy is to put customers at the centre of our solutions and integrate “best of breed” ecosystems to deliver measurable benefits. This means we can integrate legacy systems, world-class applications and include bespoke user requirements at a compelling price point. Many of our solutions require new workflow, master data management, data transformations and reporting capabilities to unlock revenue, cost and cash benefits. 

Progressive digitisation.

The cloud-based Blueport Platform can be easily connected to existing data sources from internal and external systems, including applications such as Excel. Once connected, it is configured to create new applications, MDM, workflow and perform data transformations that will progressively digitise your operations.

our platform

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Blueport connects to your data whether in web forms, Excel, siloed applications, ERP's,data stores or PDF's.



Our platform configures quickly using existing applications, MDM workflow and data transformations.



We create rapid user orientated solutions that deliver immediate benefits.

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Our Clients

We chose Blueport to create disruptive solutions for ourselves before taking them to our clients. Blueport's reporting solutions are quick to create and operate in real-time, saving us time and money versus current ways of working.

Global Scientific Traceability Company

The operating environment that TechniCap has helped design and build is accelerating our ability to become a data first company and supports our rapid growth. The speed and quality of their work is something we have come to rely on.

Global Corporate Services

Rapidly created real-time connections between our legacy systems, Blueport Platform and end state cloud ERP has accelerated our  understanding of the requirements. TechniCap solutions were created much faster than I expected and passed all of our success criteria at the first test.

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With a relentless focus on customer experience, we connect to new and existing systems so organisations can realise rapid benefits from digitisation.
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